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What is Wide Format Print?

Whilst it may sound like it deserves a bit of a straight forward answer what defines Wide format (Or large format) printers is not purely down to width. Similar vector-rendering “plotters” for instance would not fall into this category. A wide format printer is generally agreed to be any computer controller printer that print up to a max width of between 18″ and 100″ (Approximately 254cm). There are actually printers that will print even wider than this however they are referred to as Super wide or Grand format printers.

Whilst there are no hard cast rules about what they can and cannot print, wide format machines are typically used to produce things like banners, posters, trade show graphics, prints & even wallpapers. This makes them perfect for printing large products commonly used at corporate events or conferences.

Wide format printers usually use inkjet technology to produce the printed image and as a result are generally more financially viable than other potential methods such as screen printing (At least on most short-run print jobs). They usually work by printing onto one long roll of paper (Or alternative substrate) that feeds continuously through the machine as opposed to printing on a set size sheet.

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What our Wide Format print can do for you

Chances are if you are after wide format print, you’ll know that this is what you need. It is ideal for corporate events, conferences or simply to aid your marketing and sales efforts. Many of our customers also use our wide format presses to produce high quality photo prints. Due to the range of materials that we can print on you can certainly start getting creative with you print ideas.

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Interactive Print

Why not get some added value with your Wide format job. Give the size and viability of what you are getting printed why not consider incorporating some interactivity to it. Encourage people to scan your banner/poster with their mobile device to unlock a world of additional features. From music and video to web links and even click to email/call buttons. Interactive print can combine fun with functionality, adding a lot more than a talking point.

Caught your attention?

The uses of Interactive Print are limitless

Frequently asked questions

What is the biggest size I can print?

Whilst there are technically no lower limits on size of a wide format print job (In fact some individual small print run jobs such a photo print are often best done here) There are upper width constraints. Typically you are looking at anything up 100″ (Approximately 254cm). luckily the length is almost unrestricted, you are only constrained by the length of the roll. Here you are looking at somewhere in the region of about 30m. For all but a few exceptional cases you should never have to worry about the max length.

When does a job become wide format?

There are a few factors that come into play here. Firstly run length. If you are looking at a very small run, maybe not even 20 copies even if your job is not particularly wide it may work out to be most cost effective to print it wide format. The second (Unsurprisingly) is image width. If the job is to wide for either a Digital or Lithographic printer

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