Print Industry News! – Paper Merchant Raise Prices

Act Now To Beat The Price Increase


We have recently been notified by all our Paper Suppliers that the Print Industry will be hit by a further round of paper price increases.

These increase will affect all paper grades as of Monday 9th April and we have been warned to expect increases in the region of 4>8%.

We are being told that the reason for this latest increase is to ensure that the overseas paper mills can maintain sustainable supply into the UK!

Unfortunately as paper is a sizeable chunk of the cost of printed products, it will have an impact on pricing that we will regrettably need to pass on when quoting projects for production after 9th April.

How We Can Help You

Please contact us to discuss how this will affect your projects going forward and to give advice on how we can help you mitigate the effect of these paper increases.

Apologies for being the ‘bearer of bad tidings’

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

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