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Tailor text to their needs

Whether its just names and addresses or something more involved, match the text to each individual reader

Use images specific to them

why not include a photo that relates directly to them, perhaps an interest or a hobby?

Increase response rates

Increase user interaction and watch your response rates soar!


Personalised Print

Our Personalised or Variable Data Printing (VDP) can be the perfect way to engage with your readers on an individual level. It enables any printed product run on our digital press, to have client specific data embedded in it. This means that all that customer data that you have collected over the years can finally be put to good use! You may want to use it to increase engagement, by using content related to their specific interests, or perhaps you want to use it to boost sales by sending them details of products similar to their previously made purchases. Not only is this a quick and easy thing to do, it can be an inexpensive way to make a big impression. So what does it do exactly? Well, imagine it as somewhat of an elaborate mail merge. At pre-defined points within a print job we can insert either text or images into the job using pre-gathered data from a database. At its most basic level it can be used to add a name and address. More advanced jobs will use images portraying things like interests, occupations or holiday destinations. You can even use things like purchase histories to try and sell products that your recipient will likely to be interested in.

How it all works

It’s simpler than you may think

Upload your artwork and database

Simply send us your artwork as usual along with the data (Text and/or images) that you want including.

Allow us to Incorporate your data

Our design team incorporate the data for you, producing a digital copy.

Review & Proceed

Check a soft copy of your artwork to ensure all is as you intended and then approve it for press.

Why to use Personalised Print?


Key benefits of Personalisation

  • Improves user engagement – Specifically targeted print including the recipients name vastly increases the chances they will read it. Research has shown that a personal touch leads to higher levels of processing too. Not only are people more likely to  get your message they are more likely to act upon it too.
  • Increases product attraction – Adding this level of personal connection between the individual and the product can have a big impact on their feelings towards it.
  • Drastically increases your orders & enquiries – Watch your orders and enquiries soar as a direct result of a Personalised Print campaign. Targeted campaigns can also lead to more targeted responses.
  • Huge boost your your Return on Investment – Give your customers the product that they are looking for rather than shooting blind. One shoe really doesn’t fit all, so why should your print?

How do I use Personalised print?

If you have never used personalised print before it can be a little daunting. Where do you begin? With so many potential starting points it can be easy to get lost in a sea of possibilities, try your hand and everything and ultimately achieve nothing. If you are trying it for the first time personalised print can be used very simply, efficiently and effectively in your next mailing, catalogue or brochures just using simple text based personalisation.

Text Based Personalisation
At its most basic level of personalised printing can be used to include information like names and addresses (Or other text based information) directly from a database. This information  can then be seemlessly woven into your print job in a very similar fashion to how a mail merge works. As well as letters and envelopes this can be very effectively used at personalising copies of a catalogue or corporate document towards an individual or group.

Graphical & Variable
The next step up from simple text based personalisation is to use graphical and variable data printing. This works in a similar way by designating areas of the print job to be designated for alternate content only this time you may use images as well as text. Whilst you can of course use this for anything (Location being a quick and easy option), it is best used when you keep customer profiles. For instance if you have a customers purchase history and know that in the past they have bought a book on building a car for instance you might decide that trying to sell a book on car maintenance may be a good idea. If you have information on items that they have previously had in their online web-cart, but subsequently abandoned, you may wish to try and sell those. The brilliant part about personalised printing is that with this process you are not only targeting one individual on a personal basis, but potentially your entire market! As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power” and the more you know, the more possibilities personalised printing opens up.

Engage with your audience, whoever they are

Break down communication barriers and connect with each individual, individually

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case we have left you feeling confused

What do I need to provide?

All we require from you is your database file containing the data you wish to incorporate, along with your print ready PDF and we can do all the rest for you. Simple.

Is there a limit to how much personalisation I can have?

In a word no. You can have as much or as little as you like. Which means get inventive! Consider adding targeted calls to action or an interest piece directly relating to your end reader.

Could I have anything personalised?

Yes anything you like, from flyers and leaflets to books and even business cards if you like!

Can I use personalised images as well as text?

Absolutely, in fact we strongly encourage it! It can really make a big difference and greatly increase you ROI.

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