Lithographic Print

What is Lithographic Print?

Lithographic print is the most commonly used process for the production of printed matter. The required image is etched and processed onto a plate, this plate when on a machine has ink (oil) and water applied to it. This image is then offset onto a rubber blanket and then pressed onto the media, usually paper or board. Inks dry onto the surface of the media either by a process of oxidisation, absorption or both, dependent on the media used.

Our continued investment in the latest technology ensures we are able to provide excellent Lithographic print for our clients at competitive prices. Both our B1 Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 colour Perfecting press with Axis colour control software fitted and our Mitsubishi 3H B1, print and are managed and calibrated to the ISO 12647 certification standard for colour. We are also running 250 Stochastic screening on all our work as opposed to the standard 200 line screen that the majority of printers use, which provides incredible quality and improves low resolution images throughout the job.

Jobs per week

Sheets of print per year (Millions)

Press running hours per week

Tonnes of inks per year

Why use Lithographic Print?

Lithographic Print is the preferred option for the production of medium – longer run projects, the unit cost once the press is up and running  is often the most effective way of producing you’re publication or project.

The production of work using this method is vibrant and the gamut of colours that can be achieved is considerable, also by using the Pantone matching system, it is possible to produce repeatable colours time and again.

All work we produce is subject to stringent quality checks and is all managed and controlled using ISO approved methodology.

Cost efficient on larger projects

Communicate with larger audiences


Accurate reproduction of CMYK images

Environmentally friendly, uses all organic materials

Stuart Hobbs

Stuart Hobbs

Machine Minder

Hi I’m Stuart, I am part of our press operation team. I run our B1 Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 colour Perfecting press. We work a shift pattern to keep it running 24/7. I’m part of our keen cycling fraternity here and cycle into work nearly every day, I try to avoid the rain.

What our Lithographic print can do for you

Lithographic print gives you the ability to cost effectively, communicate your messages to your clients, contacts or colleagues in a consistent manner, that can be repeated accurately and that you can be sure isn’t costing us the Earth.

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Do you use your printed material to sell a product or service? Then why not upgrade it to make the use of our latest technological service? With Smart E-Catalogues your customers can view a digital version of your printed product. Not only can it be made quick and easy to browse through with bookmarks and tabs but you can deliver a media rich experience with audio and visual enhancements. The biggest bonus of our Smart E-Catalogues however is the instant sales potential. With click to purchase and easy credit card/paypal integration you can deliver a more efficient, more complete alternative to a wider audience than ever before.

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Frequently asked questions

What quality assurance systems do you use when in production?

Newnorth use ISO12647/2 (colour management) and ISO9001:2008 (quality) when we produce all work, these systems are audited both internally and externally every year. All of our staff understand the need for high quality production and it’s at the core of what we do, and how we do it.

What Environmental credentials can I claim on my Printed work?

We like to use; This product has been produced by a company using the highest environmental standards. The paper used is from fully sustainable sources and managed by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), all inks used are from vegetable based sources and is production used a low Volatile Organic compound (V.O.C.) process.

Will your Print match my Proofs?

If we send you a set of FOGRA Hi-Res plotter proofs we can guarantee an exact match, our presses and proofer are calibrated and this system is audited both on a job by job and weekly basi

What turnaround can I expect?

Our production ethos is to produce work to the clients requirements, once a date is agreed by our team, we will ensure that your schedule is fixed and dates are met.

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