A guide to creating impactful marketing materials

Print collateral is still one of the most important parts of the marketing mix, in fact print is one of the last channels that readers devote 100% of their attention to believe or not?!

Marketers are shifting their advertising spend to printed media as people are more and more reluctant to respond to online campaigns. By combining amazingly varied paper stocks and unique print finishes you can be sure your visual communications will make a lasting impact!

Ever thought about personalising it?…

Personalisation and direct mail are a proven, powerful marketing channel to carry your message effectively directly to individuals. You have ensured your marketing materials have an amazing content, but how do make sure your printed collateral is memorable? Our Experts in print would say; discover the endless possibilities of stunning print finishes!

Make your business card or a front cover of your catalogue stand out by adding a memorable touch and captivate your audience.

Quality Paper Stock Marketing Materials

Quality Paper Stocks

Laminated Marketing Materials


Foil Blocking Marketing Materials

Foil Blocking

Spot UV Marketing Materials

Spot UV

Embossing and Debossing Marketing MAterials

Embossing and Debossing

Die Cutting Marketing Materials

Die Cutting

Despite having been around for a while now, these incredible, much underused, print finishes are still proven to do the trick. Human senses tend to value higher quality finish and our brain pays more attention to those printed adverts than to those ordinary ones.

According to a study by paper group Sappi who asked people to assess brands simply based on how they promote themselves, (high-quality paper versus uncoated paper and online), It was found that the paper stocks used in the printed adverts make an enormous difference to the reader’s opinion of the brand.

They discovered that people were three times more likely to recall a brand who used high quality coated paper and were more impressed by these companies.

Special print finishes offer a deeper sensory experience to your reader and, as a result, make your brand more memorable to them. Team up with your creatives to produce high impact, strong branded print sales materials and stand out from your competition!

To find out more about print enhancements and personalization and get in touch with our team today!

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