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What is Digital Print?

A good question. Digital printing encompasses a pretty broad section of print including laser and ink-jet printing. In many ways you should already be somewhat familiar with how digital print works as your desktop printer is in fact a digital printer. It works by sending a digital file like a PDF directly to the printer rather than creating printer plates (Used in more traditional offset printing). The advantage of this is that it can save time and money, particularly for smaller run jobs as there is no cost to produce plates. Another advantage is that it can also be more flexible than Lithographic print. As it does not have fixed plates it can have a different image for every page, meaning that it can be used to print variable data (Just think of all those mail merge letters you print). The shortfall of digital printing is that it has a slower run time and can be more expensive for larger jobs as the cost per page is higher.

Our HP Indigo press produces the highest quality Digital Print, in the most vibrant colours on a wide range of substrates for shorter runs. With its own designated finishing equipment, fast turn-around and high quality are the norm. We are regularly producing leaflets, flyers, books, magazines, business cards as well as a whole range of stationary and increasingly we are turning our hand at more bespoke individual orders. If you can come up with a concept chances are we will be happy to print it.

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Why use Digital Print?

  • Quantity – You can print as little or many as you need. Even if you only need 1 copy! Whilst printing huge numbers will usually work out cheaper if you print Lithographic, if you only need a relatively small number of copies why waste money paying for more than you need?
  • Time – Turnaround time for Digital print is incredibly fast. Typically we have jobs delivered within 48 hours, however for some of our local customers on occasion we can even manage same day delivery! How can you beat that?
  • Flexibility – Planning a big marketing campaign but not sure which of a handful of options will be most effective?Why not try before you buy? You can print different versions of your product whether it be a flyer, leaflet or even a magazine and test it on different markets, gauging the effectiveness before you finally settle on the one you want.
  • Personalised – Digital printing allows for the use of variable data. So what does this mean? It means that you can personalise every single copy that you are printing with data imported from a database. With text and images bespoke to the person receiving them not only with your product look great but you can watch your engagement and response figures soar.
  • Individual Touch – Each of your members of staff can have their own personalised stationary – or to put a different spin on it you could have specialised stationary for each of your customers. Now there is a way to make a good impression!
  • On Demand – Have a standing order that you need printing regularly, or better yet one that needs tweaking slightly to keep current. Rather than printing 10,000 brochures annually why not print 2,500 every few months. Keeping your content up to date and your costs down.

48 hour turnaround

Need your print in a hurry? If you print Digitally we can have it to you within 48 hours of approval.

High Quality

With our award worthy print you won’t need to worry about the quality of your finished product.

Personalised Print

Printing digitally can open up a whole world of possibilities with personalised print.

Cost Effective

Why pay more for less? Printing Digitally could save you a small fortune!

Simon Gray

Simon Gray

Digital Press Manager

I operate our HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press. For me working in Digital print is great, you get a constant stream of new, interesting and challenging jobs. Due to the nature of our work being turned around so fast you never know what you will be seeing next too. It is not unusual to have a surprise job come in at 4.30 and still be out for delivery the next day. I am a keen traveler, I went to Egypt last year and have designs on going to Krakow this year. I also do a fair bit of gardening and DIY, I'm having an ongoing battle with my kitchen at the moment.

What our Digital print can do for you

The key to making the most out of digital print is appreciating what it can do for you. Typically we can produce complex jobs to a very high standard with a very quick turnaround. So what does this mean to you? Do you have a last minute corporate event that you need some brochures and leaflets for? Perhaps you just need a few copies of a report for a meeting tomorrow morning? Or maybe you are just running desperately low on your branded stationary? Our customers know that they can rely on us to produce short print runs to a high quality on a very short timetable.

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Personalised print

One of the biggest and most underused benefits of Digital printing is personalised (Or variable data) printing. A means to directly engage with your end user in a way never before possible. By syncing up your printed material with existing database information you can interact with the reader incorporating not only simple things like names and addresses but also interests, hobbies, previous purchases or by using any other information you may have pertaining to them either in a written or visual format. All of this is proven to dramatically improve not only user engagement and enjoyment but crucially response rates too.

Caught your attention?

The uses of personalised print are limitless

Frequently asked questions

Why is Digital cheaper/more expensive?

An interesting question. Whilst there are a few factors that come into play, the main and biggest reason is to  do set-up costs. With Lithographic print you have to pay to have physical printing plates to be made, that will then be used to apply the image to the paper. With Digital print you do not need to, as the image is applied by an electrically charged blanket. This means that for small run jobs digital works out to be cheaper than lithographic. However as the individual cost per sheet produced on a digital press is slightly higher than with lithographic there is a tipping point where that cost outweighs the cost of producing the plates, thus making lithographic print cheaper for longer print runs.

Where can i learn more?

It’s always nice to find somebody with a thirst for knowledge. There are plenty of online resources that we would like to recommend.

  • First and foremost we would like to recommend our very own blog which as well as covering news and going’s on at Newnorth also has some informational pieces as well as some useful tips and tricks.
  • You can find all the latest news at – a very useful online magazine

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